Рингтон $uicideboy$ - All Dogs Go To Heaven

$uicideboy$ - All Dogs Go To Heaven
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  • Длительность: 0:29
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 18.02.2020
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Leave them all burning
Triple six degrees
Heard they started hating
Wanna murder thee
Yung Christ turned to Satan
Bless the devilish
Now I get my joy from fucking chasing death
Momma raised a savage knew I wasn't average
Pops seen me coming up
He knew I had the package
Let the 40 kick
Drum roll with the sticks
Hands will fuck your jaw
Know who you fucking with?
Get the copper popping
Daili Lama
Feel like Silk the Shocker
I'm a fucking problem
Streets call me doctor
Screw them then I chop them
Two cups
Bottle filled with drugs
Liver on the rotten
Ruger, chopper, draco
Cult around me Waco
Violence getting louder
Projects getting wilder
When I'm off a Xan. I'm quick to shoot the thang
Ain't a clock to see there ain't no time for a game
Fuck them all
Shoot them
Leave them in the yard
Got a bunch of youngins around me
Take the charge
Fuck them all
Shoot them
Leave them in the yard
Got a bunch of youngings around me
Take the charge
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