Рингтон Lil Wayne - Piano Trap

Lil Wayne - Piano Trap
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  • Длительность: 00:30
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 06.02.2020
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Uh, let's get personal, Percocet got me vertical
Them Uzis get so surgical, shooters, they shoot like Türkoğlu
We murder you, then bury you, dig a hole and throw dirt at you
You disappear like abracadabra, magic like 32
It is my time, and when it is, you on timeout
I'm on Cloud 9 and, nigga, you just on iCloud
I'm an icon, I shine and burn your eyes out
You on the sideline, my side bitch got a side bitch
Gotta sip slow 'case I die quick, I'm alive, bitch
Born piss poor, I'ma die rich full of my shit
Bust up in your house on some mob shit, leave no hostage
Leave you lookin' like January 2nd, July 5th
Y'all are all witnesses to my battles, I shall fight
Been through a whole lotta bullshit, still smell nice
Poverty to penitentiary straight to paradise
Took a few L's without 'em, I couldn't spell 'Life'
Airtight, vagina tight and it better smell right
Banana clip dick, banana up in her tailpipe
Big fish, nigga, killer whale, kill a bitch nigga
I'ma snap and send a pic, nigga, flick-flick, nigga
Tunechi, I pop me a Perc and I smoke me some loud
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